Asbestos Is Canada’s Leading Cause of Workplace Death

If you work in an office, then it is safe to say that you spend a lot of your time indoors. Recent reports and eye-opening research done in the past few years has shown just how important the quality of air is inside the place that you work. Even more startling is the fact that despite all of the warnings and known danger, asbestos is Canada’s leading cause of workplace death. We cannot stress enough how important it is to get air quality testing.

According to national data, asbestos is the single largest on-the-job killer. This is in terms of workplace death claims awarded compensation within Canada. This silent menace has been responsible for nearly a third of claims since 1996 alone. That makes almost 5,000 in total. The dangers are clear yet still the problem remains.

A once-thriving industry

Part of the reason that the industry still hasn’t seen such stringent regulation in Canada as it has in other Western nations like Sweden or Australia is that the industry was so big here. We used to be one of the largest exporters of the substance. The legacy of asbestos remains even though the last mine shut down in 2011. This is why testing is so important here. Our nation used it on everything from schools to attics. This is perhaps why it has remained such an issue here at home.

What you can do

The data shows that over 150,000 workers are still exposed or at risk of exposure to asbestos. Don’t let that happen to your business. Air-quality testing is a way to make sure that you and your employees are safe and sound. With years of experience in the local area, we know Toronto like the back of our hand. Let us help your business avoid tragedy.

The air that we breathe inside at work is incredibly important. The fact that asbestos is Canada’s main on-the-job killer is unacceptable. Especially since we know how dangerous it is. Contact us for professional indoor air quality testing to ensure that you are breathing safely.


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