What is a DSS & Do I Need One if I Live in Toronto?

What is a Designated Substances Survey? A DSS, also known as a Designated Substances Survey, includes a visual survey for 11 substances, materials, or components named as "designated substances" by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Designated substances surveys also include physical sampling of materials suspected of containing asbestos or lead for laboratory analysis. What is the benefit of ...


What You Need to Know about Radon and Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive material formed by the small amounts of uranium that naturally occurs in many types of soils. It's colorless, odorless, and is usually found in a gaseous state, which requires special equipment to detect. The gas has a half-life of 3.8 days, meaning it takes that long for a given amount of radon to decay into half the amount. The reason you need to know this is because when it decays it turns into a series of ...


Understanding Sick Building Syndrome and How to Prevent It

Sick building syndrome is a situation where one experiences acute health issues and/or discomfort when spending time in a specific building. It is classified as a "syndrome" because it is manifested as a host of different symptoms, which can all be linked to the time one spends in a building. In general, they do not manifest when that person leaves that building. This syndrome is especially prevalent in buildings with poor indoor air quality. Who Is at Risk? Anyone can experience this ...


The Warning Signs of Mold: How to Stop it Before it Hurts your Business

Having a business in Ontario means you need to maintain a healthy indoor space for employees and customers. Indoor air quality is not only vital to the health of those within the building, it could also be vital to your products or services. If you have an outbreak, it could require a major emergency removal and cost you valuable business days. The best defence is a good offence in this case, so here are the warning signs of mold so ...


Substances to Watch Out For When Fixing Up an Old House

So you have just moved in to your gorgeous new home – new for you, but not for the neighbourhood.  Of course, when moving in to a new place, you are going to take steps to truly make the place your own, including getting rid of flaking paint, expanding old rooms, or opening up walls to insert new piping or electricity.  However, certain standards of building and construction prior to 1978 were not the same standards that we have now ...


How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Home

It should come as no surprise that our main goal here at Clean Air Toronto is to make sure that the air inside your home or place of business is clean and safe to breathe. Even though a lot of attention is paid to asbestos, smoke, and chemicals that can bring down your indoor air quality, there are some other things that can also harm your body if you breathe them in. Indoor dampness is a major contributing factor to ...


Asbestos Is Canada’s Leading Cause of Workplace Death

If you work in an office, then it is safe to say that you spend a lot of your time indoors. Recent reports and eye-opening research done in the past few years has shown just how important the quality of air is inside the place that you work. Even more startling is the fact that despite all of the warnings and known danger, asbestos is Canada’s leading cause of workplace death. We cannot stress enough how important it is to ...


Federal Government Remains Strict on Asbestos

The health risks associated with asbestos are as well-known as they are severe. That being said, until recently the government characterized the most common form of it, Chrysotile, in a different way. This was in an attempt to downplay the risks. Pressure from medical health experts paved way for changes. This only further drives home the dangers of this substance and why it needs to be detected and removed. What is chrysotile? This strand of the substance is by far the most ...