How Cleaning Products Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality testing

Having a clean home gives us a sense of comfort. Nothing is better than looking around at a place that is neat and tidy. The problem is that we often use harmful chemicals when cleaning our homes and this could lead to harmful side effects. A lot of the products that we use contain certain chemicals that affect the air we breathe and too much of them could cause issues at our homes or place of business. Knowing how cleaning products affect your indoor air quality is the first step toward combating the problem.


Volatile organic compounds, known as VOC’s, are chemicals that contribute to indoor air pollution. In a study conducted by Environmental Defence, homes were tested after they had used cleaning products for 30 minutes. The findings showed that all of the cleaning products used led to a higher VOC count, with normal products showing higher numbers than eco-certified ones. This means that the air that we breathe inside is compromised by the cleaners that we use.

The bad news

The bad news is that we spend 90% of our time indoors here in Canada. Couple that with the fact that the study produced results of double the safe amount of VOC’s in the air, and you can see why these chemicals could be harmful. What’s more is that they are not good for the environment because they create ground-level ozone that contributes to overall pollution. Regulation on the use of chemicals in cleaners is still sadly in its infancy.

What can you do?

The good news is that there are things you can do. It is recommended that you use vinegar or baking soda as much as possible as a cleaner, and to avoid these chemicals whenever possible. It is also possible to use eco-certified cleaners that will do less harm. Remember that you should always have your indoor air quality tested by a professional company if you are in doubt.

The air that we breathe indoors is essential to our health. Consistently inhaling harmful chemicals will take its toll on our bodies over time. The cleaners that we use have been proven to release harmful chemicals into the air so do your best to avoid them. A professional company should be contacted if you have doubts about your indoor air quality. Don’t let it go too long.


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