The Warning Signs of Mold: How to Stop it Before it Hurts your Business

Having a business in Ontario means you need to maintain a healthy indoor space for employees and customers. Indoor air quality is not only vital to the health of those within the building, it could also be vital to your products or services. If you have an outbreak, it could require a major emergency removal and cost you valuable business days. The best defence is a good offence in this case, so here are the warning signs of mold so you can stay alert.

Stains on your ceiling and walls

These ominous warning signs are caused by condensation or leaks in your roof or plumbing. They might be hard to notice at first, but they soon will grow to be much larger if let go. The problem here is that mold is caused by the build-up of condensation, and if water is left to fester it will sprout mold spores. This could lead to costly structural repairs or worse. This is especially true of businesses that often have heavily-used water systems such as restaurants.

Bad odour

This might be one of the most noticeable signs. If you begin to smell a bad odour that you aren’t used to, then this could be the sign of an outbreak. That damp, dungy smell that is often associated with basements shouldn’t be present in your restaurant, store or office. If you can smell it, then it is in the air and that means everyone is breathing it in. Indoor air quality is one of the leading causes of allergies and sick leave, so letting it go can have major implications.

Employee sickness

If you notice that more and more of your employees are getting sick, especially if it is out of the ordinary (not seasonal), then there could be something amiss. As we said before, sick leave and doctor’s visits are very often caused by your indoor air quality. When you are inside for 8 hours a day breathing in mold-infested air, it makes you sick. If your workers begin to get ill, there could be a logical explanation. Have your ducts and structure tested to make sure it isn’t mold related.

Mold infestations are a problem no matter where and when they occur, but when it not only costs you money to repair but also employee productivity, it becomes devastating. The quality of the air you breathe is as important as the structure that you are working in. Be on the lookout for the warning signs of mold in your Ontario business, and get a professional mold removal expert to assess it ASAP.



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